Smile is a radically original and fantastical odyssey about four recently deceased souls who convene on an abandoned ship at sea. Part confessional, part elegy, these faceless narrators must recall the circumstances which led up to their untimely deaths, before a marauding force of sting rays extinguish their memories for good, banishing them to an eternity in limbo. Boom, a 10-year-old swimmer endeavors to make sense of the tragic loss of her father in a world of dragons and superheroes; Albert flashes back to his cowboy life in simpler times as he attempts to flee an erupting volcano in Hong Kong; Rose, a mysterious sports agent takes a bold left turn seeking a more meaningful life, with horrific unintended consequences; and Campbell, a family man who reluctantly conjures up the moment the wildfires forever changed his life, rendering him a “third person” recluse, atop a thousand foot pole. 

Produced entirely from found internet footage, Smile gives the viewer a new and profound experience from the infinite digital world and turns it into a thought provoking, cinematic song of mourning and acceptance - the glory of life and death.  


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Directors Statement

With billions of hours of online video at my disposal, I feel driven to give meaning where there may be none.  Smile is a film that is built on this ambition. Living through this footage I become the face and intention to reach higher ground. Supercharging a visually stunning yet potentially meaningless piece of video, I believe pleases the gods.  Smile is about looking back on your life with fondness.

Equally appreciating the absurdity and majestic, the broken hearted and eclectic,

the worms and the birds & the truth and lie of your every word.

Robbie C. Williamson


Robbie Williamson is a film maker living in Delicious Costa Rica.
His directorial work has been featured at LACMA, MOCA, MAMA Gallery, Fisher Museum, Vice and other international venues and media outlets.  His films have received premieres at Sundance, Tokyo International Film Festival and International film festival Rotterdam to name a few.  As a composer he has written scores ranging from WU Tang’s Wildness, premiering at the MoMo Documentary Fortnight, to Ryuhei Kitamura’s Midnight Meat train (starring Bradley Cooper) that won the SCFI Jury award at Gérardmer film festival.  Williamson’s  scores have also accompanied numerous features and festival favorites, such as the Sundance hit, Dandelion (starring Vincent  Karthieser), The Youth In Us, (starring Lucas Haas), Path Lights, (featuring John Hawkes), and Gamer, starring Gerard Butler and Micheal C Hall.  Williamson is also a frequent collaborator with Los Angeles based choreographer Ryan Heffington. The New York Times describes his scores as “The softer, glummer side of Neil Young.
Going under the moniker Double Diamond Sun Body, Williamson also produces large scale exhibitions. Forbes online described Double Diamond Sun Body as “The personified astral projection of its creator’s interior world; a physically manifested concept." 

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Martin Byrial
original score

Martin Byrial is a Danish composer best known for his work as singer, keyboardist and composer with the symphonic, experimental group LISERSTILLE, with whom he'd vanguard a Scandinavian post rock revival in the early 2000’s. Renowned editor David Fricke reacted to the band's opening concert of the Danish Spot Festival 2006 in Rolling Stone Magazine: "LISERSTILLE makes a grand, prolonged bloom, combining Sigur Rós’ glazed crawl with early, riff-centric Flaming Lips and the explosive payoff of Pink Floyds “careful with that axe, Eugene”. And they are just getting started.”Martin spent his 20's with the band, making records, and touring extensively in Europe and Scandinavia counting the prestigious Roskilde Festival. He produced five of their 7 studio albums - collaborating with figures like Magnus Lindberg of Cult of Luna and dark sound wizard Randal Dunn (Sun O))), Mandy etc.) The production of the score for Smile was supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and counts musicians from Odense Symphony Orchestra (DK), amongst whom were his sister Dorthe Byrialsen (viola). The score was further embellished by multiinstrumentalist shaman Klaus Löhrer, and 2nd solo violin player Gunvor Sihm of The Danish National Symphony (DRS) and the Nightingale Quartet. Martin is currently Copenhagen based and plans a return to Los Angeles or London as soon as Covid clears.
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Stephanie R. M. Smith


Stephanie Smith is a filmmaker and graduate of the American Film
Institute’s MFA Directing program. She wrote, directed and produced the
documentary, “Cannes: The Agony and The Ecstasy, a behind-the-scenes
exposé on the insanity of the Cannes Film Festival, partly funded by BBC
Scotland and distributed worldwide by Target Entertainment. “Far on Foot”,
her short drama about a troubled father-daughter relationship starring Dolly
Wells, screened at several international festivals and distributed by
Hypnotic Films. Smith began her film career as Head of Development at CAD Films,

an off-shoot of the motion-picture publication Moving Pictures, working alongside
publishers and producers Mike Downey and John Campbell. She
developed a number of independent film projects with production
companies in the UK, US and China, including Film and Music
Entertainment (FAME), Chris and Roberta Hanley’s Muse Productions and
Peter Loehr’s Ming Productions/CAA. Smith has collaborated with award
winning filmmakers such as Bruce Beresford, Stephan Elliot, Don Ranvaud, Rajko Grlic

and Heather Rae. Currently, Smith is producing Robbie Williamson’s directorial

debut “Smile”, a wildly original, meditative odyssey about the afterlife, made entirely from
found internet footage. “Just Another Brick In The Wall”, Smith’s passion
project which took several years to shoot, is a documentary about the
decades-long poisoning of children in American schools and will begin
postproduction in 2021. After the California wildfires of 2018, Smith,

her husband and young son took off on a brief hiatus to the jungles of Costa Rica,

and somehow found themselves stuck there, immersed in the adventure

and simplicity of the wilderness.

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